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Authentic Assessment (AA)

Figure 1a (Click image to open in new window/tab)

fig 3vi

Fig 1b (Click image to open in new window/tab)






The Authentic Assessment (AA) is used following achievement of 100% on the ADA, prior to entry to clinical practice and in the final year of the undergraduate Essential Skills and Body-Weight Based Pediatric & Advanced Injectable Medicine Infusion Skills programs. It is used to evaluate medication dosage calculation competence under virtual simulated clinical conditions and prior to licensure as a qualified nurse (RN or LPN) or healthcare practitioner. Figure 1a & 1b illustrate examples from the Authentic Assessment (AA):

  • Figure 1a illustrates diagnosis of correct problem-solving processing for technical measurement competence and if 100% correct problem-solving is consistently demonstrated across all complexity domains it can be assumed that the individual user is also appropriately demonstrating conceptual competence & calculation competence.
  • Figure 1b illustrates diagnosis of a technical measurement error… the student has incorrectly selected a 1mL volumetric syringe instead of selecting an insulin syringe, and has incorrectly measured 0.8mL, a 10-fold overdose.

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