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August 1, 2014

safeMedicate update 2014

by alexauthenticworld

It’s finally here!! The new version of safeMedicate is now activated.

This update has occurred due to the continued feedback we have received from various institutions and the 143,000 users currently using safeMedicate around the world.

From today until the 31st October 2014, both the current and new versions will be running simultaneously for an evaluation period.

The new version has a brand new interface and a range of new features which are discussed below.

Changes to Advanced Skills
Word Based Problems
Mobile Platforms
Administration Features
User Features

Changes to Advanced Skills

We have made some changes to the Advanced Skills program.

These are:

  1. Removal of the preparation assessment section of the Injectable Medicines module
  2. Introduction of Authentic Dimensional Analysis – a single equation framework to replace the multiple equations that currently exists.

Removal of the preparation assessment section of the Injectable Medicines module

In the existing program, the Advanced Skills section requires users to prepare medication before administering it. This involves choosing the correct medication, washing your hands, safety checks (patient name, allergies, expiry date), reconstitution of the drug if necessary and then diluting the drug; all before determining the rate at which the drug is to be administered and then setting the administration vehicle (e.g. a volumetric pump).

From speaking with various institutions, we have discovered that preparation methods differ between different health boards.

Our raison d’être at Authentic World is to provide an authentic learning environment for healthcare professionals. However, if the methods used within safeMedicate are not representative of the methods used in reality, then we cease to be authentic.

For this reason we have decided to remove the preparation section from the program. Users will now be faced with an ‘at the bedside’ approach, where the medication is already made up and need to now only set up the calculation, calculate the rate at which the drug is to be administered, and set the administration vehicle.

The user will still be required to carry out the safety checks as part of this process.

Preparation techniques will be taught at each individual institution.

These changes will ensure that an authentic learning environment is maintained.

Introduction of a single equation

In some of the more advanced problems in Advanced Skills, a series of equations are used to determine the rate at which medication is administered.

Below is an example of the equations used to solve the rate in a question involving Dobutamine:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.16.33

4 equations means multiple opportunities for error

However, with 4 equations, there are multiple opportunities for error.

Therefore, we have introduced Authentic Dimensional Analysis. Authentic Dimensional Analysis is a systematic process for constructing and calculating medication dose and rate equations drawn from real life elements of the dosage problem.

This is a single equation framework which will encapsulate all of the above equations into one.

This method allows for the cancellation of all units that will not be required in the answer.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.23.14

This logical and more concise method will reduce the risk for error, thus helping to achieve our goal of improving patient safety by reducing medication errors.

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Word Problem Skills (Only available in the US)

With further development into advancing safeMedicate we have developed a new module that focuses on the transition of dosage calculation arithmetic’s into word based scenarios.  This module is designed to aid in the preparation for assessments such as NCLEX examinations.

The module offers a break down of multiple choice and fill in the blank questions with the option for the user to participate in practice assessments.


Here is an example of the transition from safeMedicate’s authentic environment to being situated within a word based problem.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 15.47.25


This is an example of the type of multiple choice question.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 15.48.12


Here is the fill in the gap question that you are likely to see.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 15.48.25

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Mobile Platforms

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding safeMedicate is if it is available on the iPad.

This update has been entirely redesigned to ensure that users can access safeMedicate from all major tablet devices. This now ensures that safeMedicate is available to you anytime, and place and on any device.

Please let us know what you think about the new update. You can let us know either below in the comments box, or on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

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Administrative Features

The new safeMedicate has a brand new look and feel to it, especially within the administration features.

The calendar feature is used to show every occasion in a particular month that an assessment is booked. The upcoming assessments are also listed in chronological order below.

The new safeMedicate Feedback centre

The new safeMedicate Feedback Centre

All assessment results found in one place

All assessment results are now found in one place

Feedback for all types of safeMedicate assessment (FNA, ADA & AA) are now contained within one place. The Feedback Centre allows administrators to search for any set of assessment result all in one area, without having to switch between programs as before. Searches can be conducted by User Group, by data and by individual user. This gives the administrator ultimate flexibilty when searching for assessment results.

Results in graph format

Results in graph format

Results in graph format

Results in graph format

Assessment results are listed by individual user. These results are also shown in a bar chart format which illustrates the difference in performance between participants. A function is also available that breaks down each individuals performance into sub-competencies (conceptual competence, calculation competence, technical measurement and safety). This will give the administrator a view of if a participant has a short-coming in any particular competence area.

All assessments now booked in one place

All assessments now booked in one place

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 15.44.46

As well as finding all feedback situated in one area, all assessments can now also be booked under one menu. This will provide administrators with the opportunity to book all types of assessments at the same time in one area.

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User Features

The safeMedicate update gives a new look and additional functionality to the user.

New User Interface

New User Interface

Modules available to the user

The new look main menu has a range of new features. Any upcoming assessments are now listed for the user as soon as they log into safeMedicate. The users assessments are now all located in one place, under the Modules section.

User Record

User Record

The user record also has a new look to it. As the image above illustrates, the assessment history of the user for each module is clearly illustrated, giving immediate and in-depth feedback.

safeMedicate user menu

safeMedicate user menu

The user menu is now situated in the top left hand corner of the main modulepage as illustrated above. To access the individual sections (Tablets & Capsules, Injections etc) click the drop down menu and select the required section.

Section sub-menus

Section sub-menus

The sub-menus of the individual sections are now found in the top right hand corner of the main module page. To access the individual sub-sections (Elements of the calculation, Practice your skills) click the drop down menu and select the required section.

New layout for selecting units

New layout for selecting measurement units

In the existing program, when selecting measurement units, the units are selected by clicking through a wheel until the appropriate unit is found. However, using feedback that we have received, this has now been changed to a list that is selected along the bottom of the page, as illustrated in the image above.

IV Infusions

In addition to the Drop Rate Denominator calculation method for IV infusions, we have now also introduced the traditional extended formula following feedback from our users. You will now be able to choose either of these methods to calculate the rate of infusion for blood, crystalloid & colloid solution infusions.


Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.33.18

The Drop Rate Denominator Calculation Method

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.37.40

The Traditional Extended Calculation Method

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Along side the release of the new safeMedicate software, we have made available a compatibility test page for users to check their machines capabilities of running safeMedicate.  This gives the user an insight into how to get a better experience when using safeMedicate.

To check your capability please click on the link

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